Mass corporation logo downloader?

Do any know of a tool you can put in either alliance ID or name and have it automatic resolve all member corps of that alliance into corp ID’s and then automatic download the logo’s for each corp?

Simple bash script to download corporation icons (all 3 sizes) given list of alliance_ids.


  1. Copy paste code into notepad, save as
  2. Run chmod +x ./ to make it executable
  3. Install curl, wget, and jq if you do not already have them, can google for how to do it depending on your OS
  4. Edit the list of alliance_ids on line 7
  5. run the script using ./
# Downloads corporation icons given a list of alliance_ids
# into alliance_id -> corporation_id -> icon file structure
# Requires curl, wget, and jq

# Space seperated list of alliance_ids to get corporation icons for
alliance_ids=(99002938 1354830081)

mkdir ./icons
cd ./icons

for alliance_id in "${alliance_ids[@]}"; do
	mkdir $alliance_id
	cd ./$alliance_id
	echo "Fetching icons for "$alliance_id"'s corporations"
	corporations=$(curl -s "$alliance_id/corporations/") 
	for corporation_id in $(echo "${corporations}" | jq '.[]'); do  
	   mkdir ./$corporation_id
	   cd ./$corporation_id
	   echo "Downloading icons for corporation: "$corporation_id
	   icons=$(curl -s "$corporation_id/icons/") 
	   icon_url=$(echo "${icons}" | jq -r '.px256x256')
	   	for icon_path in $(echo "${icons}" | jq -r '.[]'); do  
	   		wget -q $icon_path
	   cd ../
	cd ../
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