Exporting corporation logo, character image from the game

Hello guys.

Because several events are coming, i want to make a t-shirt with cool stuff on it, including alliance logo , corp logo and my own face in the game on t-shirt.

Unfortunately apart from the fact that there is a possibility to take a character image from account management, in low res quality, there is no possibility of taking corporation logo image from anywhere ingame / outgame.

As it might be confusing to understand i will give you an example what i need:

https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98505151/ <- corp logo in reasonable high quality

https://zkillboard.com/character/91469692/ <- muh face in reasonable high quality

If any of you space wizards know how to actually get them, would be nice to know :slight_smile:


Just save these two.


Ask your alliance for the logos?

alliance logo isnt a problem

damn son yer a legend !

You should also look into the AppData folder -> CCP -> EVE ->… Cache -> Pictures

BTW I prefer sis.

Also anyone can get his/her avatar in 1024x1024 px by changing 512 to 1024 in the enlarged avatar image adress from zkillboard.

As for logo, you are lucky its so simple. But its good thing that its simple. Every logo should be simple just for ease of replicating it on all the stuff. And you can remember it too.

Thank you very much m’am for the help, and ill keep that in mind :slight_smile:

Have a look at https://image.eveonline.com which CCP provide for all your image export needs. Saves hacking your way through third-party sites.


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