MASS [Pandemic Horde] - 2003 Sov Null PVP Corp EU/US Close-knit group of seasoned pilots looking for new recruits

Apply today and get a free hug! :smiley:

Still actual!

Up it goes!

Still recruiting!

Up it goes!

Bumpity bump!

Up it goes :slight_smile:

Still open!


Up it goes :slight_smile:

Back from vacation, let`s enjoy the new war! :slight_smile:

War ended too fast, but there are always fresh targets to kill! Recruitment still open :slight_smile:

Up it goes :slight_smile:

Great group of people, to the top we go!

Still looking for good people to join

To the tippity top :wink:

We’re a pretty cool group :sunglasses:

Totally l33t pvp bro

Up it goes :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info shone I’ll be in touch