MASS [Pandemic Horde] - 2003 Sov Null PVP Corp EU/US Close-knit group of seasoned pilots looking for new recruits

Bump :slight_smile:

Still taking in selected pilots!

Up it goes!

Recruitment still open :slight_smile:

Up it goes :slight_smile:

Recruitment still open.

20 years on and MASS is still active and pursuing our objectives .

Frostpacker would like to give Horde their last chance in recruiting a pilot who offers such eagerness to mine for the cause!

Recruitment still open.



Replied to you in game.

Up it goes :slight_smile:

Still some space for seasoned pilots :slight_smile:



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Hail Amarr!!

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Recruitment is open.

glad i found this guys

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Join us.

After 21 years MASS is still one of EvE’s premier corporations and active throughout all timezones .

Drop by our Discord for an informal chat .