Masters of the Devoted - New corporation - 0% Taxes - Gallente Space - EN/FR - USTZ-EUTZ

Masters of the Devoted is a corporation that unites pacifist and selfless pilots oriented on players against the environment (PVE) in the Gallante and Minmatar high-security sectors. We welcome anyone who speaks either French or English. We have no restriction on Alpha or Omega status. We also have 0% taxes at the moment this might change to a maximum of 15% over 1,000 members to be sufficient on the corporation’s expense.

Our mission is divided into a few fields :

  • to contribute to the development and better understanding of the complexity of Eve Online in the immersion of new players.
  • to create an opportunity for Veterans to play with other players and to share their knowledge.

Activities sectors PVE :

  • Missions running
  • Mining ores
  • Exploration
  • Industrial

We pursue :

  • PVE oriented players
  • Active members, but real life first, gaming time can wait.
  • New Players, as well as Veterans
  • Team Players
  • Players that as Gallante or Minmatar as home location (your race does not matter)
  • Players oriented in Gallante or Minmatar skills points trees mainly for groups of security missions running if players do not specialize in those trees skills, but in mining, industrial, or exploring trees they are still welcome.

We work in a symbiosis corporation where members are united and dependent on each other. Thus, players will be assigned sectors of activities that they enjoy between mission running, mining, exploration, and industrial.

  • Mission runners will do missions to contribute to the development of the corporation via taxes (Between 0% to 15% max), they will need ships, modules, and ammunition from industrial players.
  • Industrial players will contribute to the needs of ships, modules, ammunition, blueprint time reduction, and blueprint resources reduction. They will need mineral resources from Miners.
  • Miners will contribute to the gathering of ores and refined them. They will need mining ships, modules, and drones from Industrial players.
  • Explorers will contribute to the gathering blueprints for Industrial players and skills books for all the other sectors.

Masters of the Devoted is a fresh new corporation with only a few members, helping us become bigger and stronger.

Status: actively recruiting.

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