Matari Exodus is looking for a few small gang pvpers

Matari Exodus is recruiting experienced PvP’ers. Unfortunately I am the only remaining active member. This may change in the near or distant future. Roaming times are currently not great either generally 2000-0000 EveTime a few nights a week. AdHoc other times sometimes also.

Matari Exodus is a dedicated EU-TZ small-gang PvP corporation. We like good fights: The more challenging, the better. We mostly run gangs with 2-10 ships, usually on long routes that take us through many regions. Most of us also like solo PvP. To get a better idea of our style, you can watch one of our older videos:

Warbirds: —>
Used and Abused:

If you like the thrill of a really close fight above all else, this might be the corp for you.

What is expected:

-A mature attitude, i.e. you should try to be as good as you can, without being obsessed with not losing ships. Failures do happen. You should be able to learn something from it, get a new ship, and continue.
-Some previous small-scale PvP experience. We are happy to explain stuff, but this is not a training corporation.
-A good set of PvP-related skills. Skills such as Minmatar Battleship V, Gallente BS V, Logistics V, Command Ship V or HAC V are useful. If you don’t have at least one of those (plus all the required support and weapon skills to make the ships work, of course), you might find yourself unable to fit a ship for a given gang format.
-You need to be able to pay for your ships (and implants).

What we do:

Solo, duo and very small gang pvp in low sec, generally anti pirate, and the occasional 0.0.
Mainly HAC/BC/BS gangs in a variety of formats, i.e. RR, nano, active tanks etc.

What we offer:

Competent pvpers to gang with and a place to meet like minded people.
No space holding/POS bashing, etc just pvp.
No blues.
Mumble server.
Relaxed atmosphere.

If you’re interested, you can talk to us in our public channel “The Arrival” or send an EveMail to Cartheron Crust. Or alternatively ask your questions here, of course.

This post has been shamelessly plagiarised from past recruitment posts. )))

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Slow past few months just by myself, but solo busted 4 gatecamps:-

Egghelende, Hevrice, 3rd party Hagilur, Parts

Done a bit of cruiser stuff (ScyFI is pretty neat if a little thin on dualrep setup).

Impromtu late night (after 2030, normally 2100 evetime) EU roaming generally BC/HAC/BS. Currently digging the Hyperion though. ;p

See post above for contact details etc. )))

I flew with Jasper and Miriam some years ago and they’re a great group of guys. Very skillful pilots looking for good fights and all round good fun. Highly recommended.

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