Matari Tattoos On Non Matari

(Rana Ash) #1

I was sent a local news article from home about a group of Gallente boys sporting Matari tattoos, this happend on a local beach. Some matari took offense and the gallente boys would have been severly beaten had not local authorities been called, it suprised me somewhat as i thought this was a stupid fashion thing that had died out.

Is this still a thing amongst some gallente people?, to risk your life and limb because of some stupid fashion. Surely it must be widely known that matari people does not consider such tattoos for free use and will resort to more than harsh words. Perhaps some PSA need to be put together, so people realize that getting such a tattoo is putting yourself at risk.

What are your thoughts of this people, should we be more tolerant or continue to harshly educate those that really should know better?..

(Mizhir) #2

That’s pretty much the point. You will be surprised by the amount of stupid things people do in the name of fashion.

(Nana Skalski) #3

I dont care. Some matari are not tatooing themselves at all, then why only Matari have to wear these tattoos when some matari people are wearing non-matari pure looks? Its not a mark on your forehead that makes you who you are.

(Utari Onzo) #4

What about a nice, scannable, standardised ident-tattoo on the forehead? Kids just don’t appreciate the clean lines of Corporate aesthetics…

(Radborne Eriker) #5

Scannable ident - forhead - kids. Haha.

(Jade Blackwind) #6

Reminds me of a guy I once knew in Lirsautton. He used to sell pretty colored semi-transparent T-shirts with strings of glowing Jin-Mei temple script on it, claiming that those are traditional wishes for happiness, prosperity and the like. Tourists from the core Gallente worlds fell for it in droves.

Of course, the glyphs actually meant “I’m a horny monkey”, “I’m an idiot”, “Scam me please”, “Stupid outsider”, etc. And that guy wasn’t even a Jin-Mei, his girlfriend was.

I also once saw a Gallente party girl with a Pale Eye stamped all over her face. Cool, if a bit edgy, tribal mask-like pattern, why not? :rofl:

Clueless people using others’ culture as a fad without knowing what they are really doing are great source of lulz.

(Lasairiona Raske) #7

I believe in cultural respect. Saying that, I don’t think beating up someone for that cultural disrespect is very mature.

(Rana Ash) #8

Many take their clan identity very seriously, as these kids just pick something that looks cool. But to a Matari it’s part of their being, Miss Jadewing has a good idea there.
It wouldn’t be to hard to make up some fake tattoos ands push those, instead of them choosing a tattoo that represents a clan.

(Valerie Valate) #9

I believe Gutter Press has published several articles on this kind of phenomena. Might be useful to run a quick search.

(Teinyhr) #10

It goes a bit beyond “cultural disrespect” if someone copies a name tattoo, for example. Depending on the person you could say it would be like stealing someone’s face. And since in our culture tattoos are earned, someone just inscribing tattoo that indicates someone as a person of importance, such as a military commander, on themselves is well, something I’m sure at least many can relate to us as a bad thing. “Stolen valour”, I believe is a term I’ve heard used in the Federation.

Now of course we can argue that do such people deserve a sound beating for such offences, but I’m sure we can all agree that it’s immensely disrespectful.

(Isha Vuld) #11

I’ve always had very conflicting thoughts on this one. There’s no question that the people wearing these tattoos are idiots who could do with a life lesson delivered through pain. I understand it’s their way of expressing admiration for the Matari way of life (a generous assumption on my part, I know), but it’s also missing the point in typical Federation fashion. Furthermore, if anyone thinks getting beaten up for sporting a tattoo is bad, try wearing one in the Republic that you haven’t earned.

That’s our way of life, though, and we have to remember life is different in the Federation. Speaking personally, I wouldn’t get physical if I find someone wearing our tattoos in Federation space. Simply because that’s not our nation and it doesn’t live by our rules, and trying to impose our values on other people through force would be bringing me a bit closer to a certain other nation’s ways then I’m comfortable with.

The Federation gave us a lot, and I feel we can show a little bit of tolerance in return. Explain the significance, sure. Explain they’re basically spitting in our face, sure. Beat them down? Not in Federation space.

If they take these tattoos into Republic space though, then they’re in our society and I won’t be quite as forgiving.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #12

They want to appropriate what is ours, then they get all of it, not just the bits they’re stealin’.

(Aetrid) #13

Anyone who disfigures themselves with such vile uncleanness is only barely worthy of their component proteins being immediately processed into fertilizer for non-foodstuff use.

(Isha Vuld) #14

All of it including the parts where arrogant kids get taught life lessons through painful experiences? I just can’t agree with that. On the one hand we want them to respect our ways, but we can’t bring ourselves to respect Federation ways. As far as I know, problems arn’t usually solved with violence over there, and there is value in respecting that. It’s no more our place to educate their youth through violence then it’s their place to don our tattoos.

Now this is someone whom I’d gladly send off with several broken bones no matter what Empire we’re in. There are some people for whom an introduction to the dirt is pretty much mandatory.

I don’t feel the same way about youths who don’t understand what they are putting on their bodies, and I don’t think Matari should consider violence the first and only solution to every problem. Tempting though it may be, especially for us Brutor.

(Deitra Vess) #15

I barely lived with my clan, even still If I saw my clans tattoos on an outsider they would regret it. Respect the tribes, respect the clans. PERIOD.

(Lasairiona Raske) #16

We can agree there.

(Arrendis) #17

My solution, if a situation like this presented itself to me (which it hasn’t, I’ll easily admit) would be to engage them in the manner of their own culture: discussion. That’s supposed to be how the Federation resolves things, after all. I’d talk to them, ask them why they’re doing it, explain how I feel it disrespects me, and my people, and the things we’ve survived. And who knows, maybe one of those ‘Gallente’ kids is mixed-blood and trying to embrace a part of themselves that they never had exposure to or explanation of. More screwed-up things than that happen every day.

So I’d explain myself, and, barring any seriously extenuating circumstances, I’d appeal to their sense of decency and empathy. And then I’d explain that, having attempted to resolve the issue in the manner of their culture, if I saw them again and they hadn’t had those tats removed, I’d resolve the issue in the manner of my culture.

(Tyrel Toov) #18

Had this happen once. My clan was working on the sewage system for a station out in Rens. While we were getting set up to begin the inspection we saw a Gallente girl sporting our clan’s tattoo. Long story short she spent the next 18 hours crawling around the sewers with the crew. If you have my clan’s name on you, you earn it… She’s actually a member of the clan now.

(Valerie Valate) #19

Here you go, @Rana_Ash I looked up the Gutter Press articles where Minmatar tattoos were of relevance:

(Jade Blackwind) #20

I actually can imagine quite a number of Gallente goth chicks strolling around with my Blood Wings on their backs because it looks cool. It’s like Mordu’s Eagle, but without heads and stretched a bit. Dark red tendrils that emerge from a spot that vaguely looks like a headless bird and end on your shoulders. I probably can sell the pattern to a few tattoo salons yet :slight_smile:

A pity that I can’t make them go through everything I went through because of that little tattoo. That’ll teach them something. Probably even more than getting a “Valklear veteran” on one’s chest and then just end up nova-knifed for it in a dark alley.

As I said, clueless outsiders are a never ending source of lulz.