{Max boost Rorq + (x-1) Hulk} vs (x)Rorqs?

I had the pleasure of mining alongside a max boost rorq in a normal mining fleet (barges and ventures). My hulk was filling faster than I could jetcan.

Which begs the question, why does anyone multibox (x) rorqs when the apparent Rorq (max boost) + (x-1) Hulk yield seems be double (if not more)…and a lot cheaper.

Pretty sure I made 10+mil per minute in Hulk rigged for Mercixcot yield + t2 merc crystals under rorq boosts (I mined 640 million isk in the first hour and that was with a 10 minute bio/coffee break).

Around 7 mil per minute on Spod and 5.4 mil on Crimson Ark ( I think Crimson Ark ISK/minute would have been higher had I not taken 20 minutes for lunch).

^ That. Rorq has a massive ore bay, means it can sit there and chew on rocks for hours. Easy to multibox, easy to AFK.

Yeah but the Hulks would fill that Rorqual bay. Rorqual main would simply have to delay tractor beam pulls by 4 minutes per can (so Hulks can reuse their own jetcan 2-3 times before tractor beam pull, which was what our Rorq pilot was doing).

I don’t know why people do anything AFK.

Active Sacriledge/Cerebus/TC3 ratting is double AFK Ishtar ratting.

Active solo hulk mining ($$$ ores only) = AFK Rorq.

Active boosted Hulk = 3x Rorq

Newbros beat AFK ishtars doing exploration too. lol

Doing 18 planets on a single account three times a week is solid income too.

Question asked, question answered.

BS, one Belt/Anom has not enought merc for 1h Mining.

There is no more AFK Rorqual Mining, read the ■■■■■■■ patch news.

I never said there was AFK Rorq mining, another poster said that. Correct him, not me.

And yet as we speak I’m in a belt with 800mil of Merc.

There’s still 7 magmas (3 large, 2 medium, 2 small) and 4 regulars (3 medium, 1 small).

I already ate the first two Vitreous for breakfast (100mil+ each).

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