[MBROC] MineBro Corp. US/EU TZ Corp Recruiting Newbros

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing great!


I am here to let you know that MineBro Corp. is now recruiting members within hisec - later lowsec space.

A little about us; My brother and I formed the corporation back in 2012 (long time ago… wow.) and we have since learnt a lot of new things. We are still, in the vast majority, a mining corp as well as PvE (missions, ratting) corp. Our CEO and Founder (Shiuzan Kafshaz) has dabbled in some PvP and can give some great insight into that.

But here is some more information about what we have to offer:

What do we offer exactly?

ΞVΞ Mining buffs via our corporation Orca and Porpoise pilots.
ΞVΞ Mining fitting assistance from Venture to Exhumers.
ΞVΞ Mining Ops almost every weekday.
ΞVΞ Ore/Ice Buyback Program at 100% Jita buy.
ΞVΞ Europe and Americas time zone members.
ΞVΞ Ship fits.
ΞVΞ Skill plans and skill help.
ΞVΞ Fitting and other help.
ΞVΞ Potential to move to Null later down the line.

MineBro. is looking for newbros who:

✓ Are active in game or on Discord, preferably both.
✓ Are willing to learn more about the game, or teach us more about the game if they know something we don’t.
✓ Are open to joining mining fleets or other fleets.
✓ Would like to learn more about mining, PvE or PvP
✓ Would love to be apart of a growing corporation with two knowledgeable Directors.

Fly safe and take care fellow Pilots. o7

Shaz Kafshaz
Co-Founder and Mining Director
MineBro Corp.

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We are recruiting anyone that is interested. Just come into our Chat Channel and ask about us, or send in an application.

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Bump. Feel free to join our chat in-game; MineBro Recruitment…

Bump! Join our MineBro Recruitment chat or click the link in game in my bio!

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