[MBROC] MineBro Corp. US/EU TZ Corp Recruiting Newbros

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing great!


I am here to let you know that MineBro Corp. is now recruiting members within hisec - later lowsec space.

A little about us; My brother and I formed the corporation back in 2012 (long time ago… wow.) and we have since learnt a lot of new things. We are still, in the vast majority, a mining corp as well as PvE (missions, ratting) corp. Our CEO and Founder (Shiuzan Kafshaz) has dabbled in some PvP and can give some great insight into that.

But here is some more information about what we do and who we are.

I am Shaz Kafshaz, the Co-Founder and Mining Director for MineBro Corp., I’ve been in the corp since its inception in 2012. I’ve been a mining character since the start but have been using my time learning skills and doing level 4 security missions on the side as a little extra isk and something to do on the side. My role as Mining Director is to direct and provide mining operations with boosts, which include Mining Speed boosts, Mining Amount boosts and Scan Radius boosts. I also provide the fleet with compression and Indu Core boosts. I am currently learning how to scan for anomalies! That’s quite fun.

Anyway. We are recruiting active members that are willing to learn about the game and want to do more with their time in the game. We respect everyone wishes to do other stuff, but we encourage our members to learn as much as they can about the game. Mining is the one, best thing in the game you can do right from the start as you learn about it in the tutorial (I hope you paid attention… lol).

If you wish to join us or know more information, then feel free to join the in-game chat channel MineBro Recruitment.

We have no requirements for members. We will however need to check your Killboard to see if you’ve been a good Capsuleer or if you are trouble! Nothing wrong with being a little troublemaker, we all are sometimes.

Fly safe and take care fellow Pilots. o7

Shaz Kafshaz
Co-Founder and Mining Director
MineBro Corp.