☠ [MCMAR] Recruiting New & Vet Pilots for Indy, PvE and PvP


Mischief Marauders operates mostly in Minmatar space.

We are looking to expand and grow with active members.

We are a corp that enjoys bullshitting with one another on comms.

We focus on Indy/PvE/Isk making content but are not limited to it.

We have a community/knowledge base with over a decade of EvE Online experience.

We have a real life comes first mentality.

We enjoy all that EvE has to offer.

What we offer:

✪ Newbro & Alpha Clone Friendly

✪ Mining Fleets w/ Boosts

✪ Mission Running/PvE Fleets

✪ Fleet PvP content (Roams/Gatecamps etc.)

✪ Corp Ore/Loot Buy Back Program

✪ Free Skillbooks for Newbro’s

✪ Newbro Advice and Skill Training Guidance

What we are looking for:

✓ New & Vet Pilots Welcome

✓ Pilots who are willing to learn and be involved

✓ Interest in Indy/Mining is a Plus

✓ Marauder and/or Dread/Carrier Pilot is a Plus

✓ Small Groups/Corps looking for a New Home

Interested in joining?
Please visit our Vetting page and submit an in-game application.

Feel free to join our in-game public channel: Marauders Pub
Join our discord by clicking -----> Mischief Marauders Discord Invite

If you have any questions feel free to hit up our recruiters in-game: Sneergllaw, Steel Nolen or Ddraglais

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Daily Bump. We are still actively looking for pilots. The applications so far have been good! Keep them coming. I’ve enjoyed meeting all sorts of people around New Eden.

Today is definitely turning out to be a very fun and lucrative day here in Mischief Marauders! We are really enjoying these Triglavian invasion sites. Keep those applications coming!

Still looking for more pilots. Hit me up or join our public in-game channel “Marauders Pub” for a Discord invite.

Daily bump!

Come join our public channel in-game (Marauders Pub) and grab our discord link. Join and chat or shoot stuff with us. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Still growing! Put in your application today and start earning isk with us right away!

We now have access to moon mining!


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You’re still looking for a corp? Hit us up. We can help with that.

Bump for today!

Recruiting is still open!


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Looking for something new and fun. Hit us up today!

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bump for a tight knit fun corp!