MCOMS-FW, PvE, Industry, earn shares

(Ipiish Lochlin) #1

New Eden!

I am Ipiish Lochlin, Commandant of the Minmatar Commonwealth Society. We are currently seeking Alpha and Omega players, we do require at least 600,000 SP. We are currently accepting new member’s from all time zones (TZ). We are currently 8 strong and resided in the Abudman system. For profit, we participate in industry, PvE and have just branched into FW with the Gallente Federation. We are friendly and don’t pressure our members into attending events or playing. We understand reality takes the front the seat with Eve in your lap for all those stop lights.

Hurry! We will only take on 10 more members for we distribute shares based on time in the corporation and position held. Monthly dividends are paid out to shareholders based on community profits and we buy supplies from members via contracts.

Contact me for further!