Meanstreak. We Want You! - Nullsec Sh*ts and Giggles in EU / US - No Drama, No CTAs

Come pew with us in Nullsec - we have spiced wine, frozen corpses and slaver hounds that’ll do anything for a bit of peanut butter.

Meanstreak is a small, but highly active corporation living on the front line (and winning side) of the largest alliance war in Eve Online history.

As both a corp and an alliance, we operate as a tight-nit group living and fighting as a unit. We generally share a single comms channel, and alliance leadership is accessible and close to the memberbase.

We don’t care about your KB stats - we’re more concerned that our members are active and having a good time. Drama is a no-go for us and our main criteria for recruitment is personality. We take on quality over quantity and aren’t in a hurry to grow.

What we do:

  • Daily content in the historic war raging across nullsec
  • A cool group of dudes to fly with in a target-rich environment
  • Active alliance with a great culture
  • RL comes first. No alarm-clock CTAs.
  • Frozen corpses
  • Shits and giggles

What we’re looking for:

  • Active PvP and PvE oriented pilots (omega only please)
  • A laid-back, mature attitude toward your game
  • A working mic and willingness to use it
  • 5 million SP - this is a guideline not a hard requirement so if you’re under, please do still get in touch!

If we’ve piqued your interest, reach out and we can have a chat over voice comms.

Discord: MeanStreak.

Alternatively you can message ingame/evmail:

  • Ms Flint
  • Hoiz Gnarr

Hope to hear from you!

As a member of this corp I want to come here and share my experience. I started playing just a few months ago and jumped right into nullsec life. Fast-forward a couple of months and I feel right at home here. I have everything I want, daily PVP (small and big scale) and freedom to do PVE however I want. And on top of that, I have a corp and an alliance that are always willing to help in any way they can. We live in an active warzone and we have each other’s backs. You will always find someone to help you out in whatever you need.

Come join us, let’s kill some goons!

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As an officer in MESTR’s alliance AARP, I’ve grown very attached to them. MESTR is an excellent group of people under great leadership that has shown to be resilient and steadfast, against all odds. They’re a fun bunch of people and have been nothing but helpful towards me and my corp members.

11/10 highly recommend. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Bump, still recruiting!

Your discord link is expired.

Thank you @Atros_Hanaya, edited post with a new one - this one shouldn’t expire.