Meanstreak. We Want You! - Sh*ts and Giggles in EU tz

Come fly with us - we have spiced wine, frozen corpses and a Device in every Orca.

Meanstreak is a small, highly active corporation with a casual outlook. We care about personality, not killboard stats. We recruit quality over quantity and aren’t in a huge hurry to grow.

After a very long war deployment and the sudden conclusion of the war in Delve, we have relocated to high-sec in order to recoup our member-base and our wallets. Our eventual plan is to move back up to nullsec, but in the meantime we’re focused on isk-making and fun pvp content.

What we offer:

  • New player friendly
  • A cool group of pilots to fly with
  • Regular PVP content and a home near some great roaming space
  • RL comes first. No CTAs, no mandatory ops. You play when you can, as much as you are happy to.
  • Orca boosts for miners
  • Corp buyback program
  • Frozen corpses
  • Shits and giggles

What we require:

  • A working mic, and willingness to be on comms when possible
  • A working sense of humor
  • A mature attitude and respect for other players. No drama, please!

If we’ve piqued your interest, hop onto our Discord server and we can arrange a voice chat. please do not apply to the corp directly. We will reject unsolicited applications. Come speak to us on discord first :wink:

Hope to hear from you soon,

Ms Flint - Co-CEO | Hoiz Gnarr - CEO

As a member of this corp I want to come here and share my experience. I started playing just a few months ago and jumped right into nullsec life. Fast-forward a couple of months and I feel right at home here. I have everything I want, daily PVP (small and big scale) and freedom to do PVE however I want. And on top of that, I have a corp and an alliance that are always willing to help in any way they can. We live in an active warzone and we have each other’s backs. You will always find someone to help you out in whatever you need.

Come join us, let’s kill some goons!

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As an officer in MESTR’s alliance AARP, I’ve grown very attached to them. MESTR is an excellent group of people under great leadership that has shown to be resilient and steadfast, against all odds. They’re a fun bunch of people and have been nothing but helpful towards me and my corp members.

11/10 highly recommend. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Bump, still recruiting!

Your discord link is expired.

Thank you @Atros_Hanaya, edited post with a new one - this one shouldn’t expire.



Bump, just got settled into some great new space… come join us!

beep boop bump!


Here we go!

Up, up and up

Up we go!


Aaaand bump

Up we go

Up, up and away!

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