🛠 Mechanical Advantage - EU/US TZ Null PVE/PVP


I’m Kikusaku am inviting you to join me in our journey through New Eden

Mechanical Advantage is located in Catch and is part of Desolate Alliance

We are new player friendly and welcome them

Our mission:

  • Acquire/Refine/Repurpose

What we do:

  • PVE: Ratting/Salvaging/Exploration
  • PVP: Small gang ↔ Large Fleet
  • Mining: R4<->R64’s regularly, High Quality ICE
  • Industry: Produce ships and equipment as needed

Corp Programs:

  • Buyback
  • SRP

Voice Comms:

We use Discord as primary, and TeamSpeak as a secondary or part of major fleets actions

In-game public channel: MEADV Public

We are looking for Miners, PVE, and PVP pilots

Searching for Pilots new and old to join us for this adventure!

Looking for a place in Null? Still live in high sec? We’ve got a place for you!

Come on down to Catch with us!

Good morning
I present I’m Adams Kev I’ve been playing Eve online for 8 years and I have a problem with my laptop I can’t play Eve and I’m going to see her with my family to buy a new pc anyway and if you know questions don’t hesitate for sure all the same I have a discord know Adams Kev #4152 and my activity know PVE and pvp and manufacturing T1 ships and I’m alpha and if you don’t understand me at all I have a disability problem and I make a lot of spelling mistakes and I am not yet an omega for the moment know to warn you anyway if you speak in English or French or any foreign languages

Hello Adams,

We are out of the Catch area now, some diplomatic disputes and such and I haven’t gotten to update this listing.

If you are indeed interested I’ll send you a Discord invite and you can join us on “MEADV Public” in-game channel.

Good okay