Medium drones on alpha clone

Is there any reason to use medium drones at all after they nerfed alphas’ skills to use t2?

Sure, the fitting calculates higher DPS with even Hammerhead I opposed to Hobgoblin II, however this doesn’t seem to match reality from my experience. EDIT: not counting Gila of course.

Even against stationary target, mediums seems to get bad hits a lot and they are slow. Slow to get to the target and slow shooting it. It seems to me that 5x t2 Hornet or Hobgoblin shreds the medium-sized and even bc-sized npc faster or at least just as quickly as 5x Caldari Navy Vespa or Federation Navy Hammerhead. And even if medium actually were faster, if they have to move 30+km to next target they are dripping dps right there plus additionally you have to always pull them back if frigates spawns as they go after mediums like crazy.

And for bs-sized npcs heavy drones will be better won’t they?

And that is not counting augmented, mutated ones.

It is. T2 drones only give better DPS. So it wouldn’t be worth using medium drones before changes. But you imply that isn’t the case. Depending on hull, put some drone application mods. Keep in mind that faction drones have decent tracking bonus. But since gila don’t have any application bonuses and it don’t really have any issues with hitting frigates (with drones) this seams to be borderline of placebo effect. Due to small drones faster rate of fire. While medium drones move slower and have lower rate of fire. Giving effect of being sluggish.

Pick one missions, site, anomaly, whatever. Start a timer and run one instance with only light drones and second with medium drones. Compare times. You should get general idea what preforms better in content you do.

tl;dr just test it yourself ans there is way to much variables.

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