Medium sized new player Corp seeks alliance

Hello , the Imperial Federation is a medium sized Corp with around 250 active members that do everything from PVP to all sorts of PVE activities ,

We are an open door new player corporation that helps new players find there feet and helps teach them the mechanics of eve online ,

We are looking to try out null sec and are looking for an alliance who would take be willing to let a load of new players go wild in there space and to make new friends in nullsec ( people must understand we are new player friendly and as such we may not have 30000million skill points to all fly munins ) we are looking to get involved in large nullsec warfare , with fun small fleets as well

Atm we are currently in our own alliance and we’re thinking about going to NPC space to live , but if we can find the right bunch of guys to join up with that would be more fun for our new players .

Please contact me in game if you are intrested in us :grinning::+1:

Hey SaberX,

Federation Uprising - we’ve got some decent space, and more to come. A shiny Keepstar. An alliance comprised of Combat, Industrial and mining, and trade and freight pilots. We are a blend of very experienced pilots, all the way through the spectrum to newer players at subcapital and capital class ship level. We are across all the timezones (except Chinese of course). We have a rich history in low sec faction warfare and null sec combat (although we have since dropped faction warfare). We also have a high sec ‘sister’ corporation MALRO who specialise in Triglavian/Abyssal action, as well as having two Talking in Stations regulars, Ashterothi and our alliance XO, SIlver Suspiria.

We are currently rebuilding after the great southern war we were just involved in. We have the protection of a capital umbrella, and fly in various sized fleets with some of the best (read legendary) FCs in the game. There’s no participation requirements, there’s no mandatory attendance. We have doctrines of all levels, there’s always something people can fly, and no-one is ever excluded from a fleet or made to feel incapable.

I’ll drop you an ingame mail also.

We are not the best, but are by no means the worst, but what we are is a decent bunch of guys of all ages who love to fly spaceships. Come and have a chat with us on our Discord, see if we’re suitable for you.

Hey SaberX,

I tried to get ahold of you in game but I think I missed you. I’d like to sit down and talk to you about Total Eclipse. We’re an upstart alliance based in Providence, which has great connections to high-sec and as such is a really easy region for new players to get to, and we’re actively seeking Corporations to grow with us and write our story from (nearly) the beginning.

An Introduction to Providence

Providence (and Amarr lowsec) operates on the NRDS (Not Red, Don’t Shoot) philosophy, which means that we welcome neutral players to mine, rat, build and trade in our space. This strongly differentiates us from most alliances in two ways:

  1. It gives us a sense of purpose: to grow, nurture and build a true civilization in Eve where most alliances pursue a very different model;
  2. It gets us a lot of PvP – because our philosophy is incompatible with most of Eve, and they seek to hunt our space, we have active targets around to shoot almost all the time without travelling far from home. Additionally, almost all of the major coalitions are red, meaning that we can roam almost anywhere in search of content.

In hostile space, we operate on the standard NBSI rules of engagement, so your members are more than welcome to join NPSI (public) fleets, roam with their friends outside of the alliance, or form up Corp/alliance roams and take them to nearby Catch, Querious, Curse, etc.

About Total Eclipse.

The founders of Total Eclipse have leadership & directorate experience as well as having been a part of most of the major coalitions in the game, so we formed the alliance with a strong basis of knowledge with regards to what we wanted to keep and what we wanted to get rid of. We’re fast-growing and well-funded, with plans in place to grow our funded programmes over the next few months to provide the best benefits for our members.

We have alliance-level activities, regular alliance meetings, and of course are involved in the war-related fleets in our home region with Provi-bloc. As a member Corporation, you would be actively consulted and involved with alliance decision making.

We offer buyback at 100% of Jita buy price on all ore, ice, moon ore, exploration loot, and PI, as well as SRP on specific ships (Cynos and Interdictors, currently, but we’re looking at more), and regular alliance-level competitions for PvP & PvE activity, knowledge sharing, and socializing.

We pride ourselves on being welcoming & friendly to members of all skill levels. Almost every coalition fleet welcomes newer players and has space for tackle & e-war frigates for people who can’t fly the specified doctrine.

Your Place in Total Eclipse.

One of the things we feel a lot of alliances get wrong is the balance between alliance unity and corporate culture. We require everyone to be on our alliance services, but we respect every corporation’s identity and pride ourselves on not just being different tickers in a monolith.

Hello and thanks for the offer , can we have a chat on discord ?

In game mail sent your way.

Absolutely, Twilight Winter#5000. Let’s talk. :slight_smile:

ill be messaging you shortly :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to re let people know that we are a new player friendly corp . which means we do tke 1 day old players and help teach them how to play eve . lol we are not a 100man munin corp just yet :slight_smile:

Do you have a valid new order permit?

Don’t settle for medium size.

Become elite.


What is a new order permit ? Sounds interesting :grinning:

Thanks for all the mails

Still looking for members

Still waiting for my 100 million isk payment for your corp compliance and permit.

You need to get your papers in order chief.

thank you i sent 1billion isk to someone called james ? james 514 or somehitng he said you would send me the change of 900 mill

please send it to me when you can … thanks

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SoNs of BANE are looking for for new blood, 0.0 NPC Alliance - We train the newbros, fleets daily and a industrial backbone to support your bros on. USTZ and EUTZ strong. Come speak with me in our channel “GriMM Public”

Still checking out the crowd :heart:

Hey saberx
Would love to chat with you on discord about my alliance based in spire and see what we have to offer to your Corp and it’s members. My discord is open for all to message

hi i tried to message you but it says the id is wrong . maybe ive messed up?

Saber come have a chat, email me in game so I can send you an invite to our discord and you can meet some of the members.