MEGA/Loose Face EU small gang pvp

MEGA is recruiting

Imagine a really organised corp of friends that are sleek and efficient. elite small gang pvp warlords.

Then forget all of that ■■■■ coz its not what we are.

We are a group of old guys who have decided to open our doors and hearts to see if people enjoy our way of playing eve.

How we roll

We have multiple small stagers at key points around the galaxy and utilize jump clones to keep us in content.

When people are on (we decide a time via Discord throughout the day) We get into w/e ships we feel will work or think are cool and go roam.

Take this into consideration

We might ■■■■ around but take pvp seriously. (once we get a fight game face goes on)

We troll and laugh and generally have fun with each other on discord comm’s etc etc.

If we feel we can win an engagement we will not shy away from it, its a game and ISK is easy to make.

We dont mind less experienced people so feel free to come and learn

Dont want to join corp? fine just join discord and roam with us.

Want casual PVP and real small gang, we are a good fit.

Public: MEGA PUB!



Bump time

Can confirm this is the way to make eve great again

Come for the gud fights and help MAKE EVE GREAT AGAIN!

Baby shark du dududududu
Baby shark du dududududu
Join MEGA du dududududu

Our killboard, folks, let me tell you, it’s the best. Nobody has a killboard like MEGA, believe me. We’re talking about victories that are off the charts, numbers that’ll make your head spin. Other corporations? They wish they had a killboard like ours. But they don’t, because they’re not winners like us.

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Reach for the stars little recruitment post

Ill pay you if you last a week with our finish guy

Still looking for politicians to help Make-Eve-Great-Again

Join up, we doing some good stuff and you can be involved

Lets goooooooooo

Alot of cool stuff happening

Big weekend of pvp planned come take a roam with us

Join us for shenanigans in space. You won’t/might regret it.

Content is good and the Thera weather is good this time of year

Still open to new nerds who want to come and pvp