Mercenary Services - Federation Uprising


Federation Uprising offers the following services at the following negotiable prices:

  1. Campaign support/Evictions: If you are currently engaged in a campaign against another entity, or wish to evict another entity from their space, we will provide support for you in structure fights, sov fights, cloaky camping, etc.

    Price: 5 bil per week. Doubled for wormhole space.

  2. Individual timer support: If you want support for an individual structure/sov timer, we can help you there as well.

    Price: 1.5 bil per timer. Doubled for wormhole space.

Capital support may be available on a case by case basis.

Federation Uprising has the right to deny any contract we deem not worthy of our time and effort.


  • We will not take highsec contracts
  • We will not take any contracts against Legacy Coalition, nor will we take offensive contracts against the Imperium (defensive contracts are fair game)

For more information, message CaseyLP in-game, message [FEDUP][XMETA] CaseyLP#8835 on discord, or join our public lobby Discord: