Messengers of the Dracolich Recruiting

Welcome to Messengers of the Dracolich.
Our Mission: Currently our mission is to build and recruit before moving in and taking over our own section of low sec and establish our selves in eve. We want to give our PVE members a place to be able to call home and safe area to mine and manufacture as well as give our PVP players a place to dock up for the night and a route to patrol.
We are a small up an coming corporation that accepts any and all industrialists rather it is a miner, a manufacturer, or even a hauler.
However that is not the main drive of this corporation; no it is simply a means to an end.
Our goal is to thrive and prosper into low sec and eventually into null sec.
We are more than happy to welcome Alpha’s and newbros.
As for communication we all here at Messengers of the Dracolich will be using Discord. Almost all of our rooms are secure except for a few that we have made and allow to be public so that non corp members can enjoy eve alongside corporate friends and allies.
We will have some corporate pvp, pve, and mining roams until such a time where the corporation can be deemed self sufficent.

As a Corporation we understand that other things in life will take priority or cause your attention to deviate and this is fine. We do however ask that if you are going to be gone an extended period of time that you message one of the admins or officers.


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