Meta Zero - C3 Wormhole PvP Corporation

Meta Zero: Overheating Infinitely

Meta Zero is a corporation for anyone who enjoys small gang PvP and is looking for a tight knit group that has a lot of fun. We are a corporation for wormhole veterans, content creators, and just those who enjoy blowing up spaceships. Our leadership team boasts multiple years of experience both in wormholes and with small gang warfare.

The best part of Meta Zero is how there are almost limitless opportunities for content with a guaranteed Null Sec K-Space Static that can be rolled and a plethora of J-Space fleets. Additionally, because we are a part of Deepwater Hooligans, we are able to take part in their medium scale fleets whenever we would like!

We offer:
[¬] Friendly Environment
[¬] PVP Experience
[¬] C3 Ratting Sites
[¬] K-Space and J-Space Fleets
[¬] An active alliance with lots of experience
[¬] Active discord/teamspeak text and voice chats
[¬] Industry Alt corp and structures

[¬] CEO: Vaaris Ignis
[¬] Timezone: USTZ
[¬] Killboard: zKill

[¬] 20 million skillpoints on your main
[¬] Scanning skills on at least one character
[¬] A good attitude
[¬] Basic PVP experience
[¬] Omega Account

In order to join, please follow the link to discord and auth in the #recruitment channel:
[¬] Discord
[¬] Public Channel: MPRisoners

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Solid group of guys, fun to fly with, +1

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Awesome group of guys that know a ton about WH and small gang pvp. 10/10 would join again.




Loki gamers rise up, +1

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Come help us fight the krab menace!


Come take wormhole brawls with us!

Additionally, we also do go on occasional NS fleets with members of our alliance:

Bump for the day!



Fun fact, we have not had a day without killboard activity for over a month!

If you need any help expanding into wormholes or joining in small gang, hit us up!

El Bumpo

Come let the dumptruck reared Bowie Shadow show you how to kill ratters

Bump because Bowie won’t

Come fly with us!