Metacrania - EU/US TZ WH Corp

Metacrania is a corp with a long history in Eve. We are close knit group and we take part in lots of WH activity.

As part of Drifters. Alliance we live in a C4 WH with a C3 and C5 connection, giving lots of options for PVP/PVE and Industry.

Key Points

  • We are all about helping each other. Everyone is in this together!
  • We have resources and experience accumulated over years playing Eve
  • We believe in each member being in equal part of a growing organism. No Mandatory Ops
  • We want everyone to succeed - We want to support you to be responsible for their own destiny and make Eve fun for you!
  • Based out of a C4 WH with a C3/C5 static, there is lots of PvE and PvP content available for all.

Join Metacrania RC channel in game for a chat or contact any of the listed recruiters directly. What’s the worst that can happen :slight_smile:


  • Zedrikon
  • Lattame Lightsbane
  • flaming girl
  • Golden Kusani

Pop in for a chat to our recruitment channel. Best case, we match and chart a path through the stars- worst case we both get to chat with someone new!

Get in touch for a chat and see if we are what you are looking for!

Still looking for more good people - pop in and say Hi.

We need all sorts!

Hi there - we are still looking for more members to increase our ranks and help us grow.

As a C4 with C3/C5 static we have lots of access to PvE and PvP content via our statics; good planets and a friendly environment!

Looking forward to hearing from more people to see if we line up with your needs.

Still looking for more pilots to join our ranks!

Hoping to talk to some of you soon!

Awesome guys, give them a shot. free bump

Thanks Slydon - much appreciated bump :smile:

For all you potential candidates out there - pop in and say Hi!

We’ve had a couple of new members join; but we’re still looking for more.

Pop into our recruitment channel Metacrania RC in game and see if we get along!

Still looking for good people to join our crew. Get yourself into Metacrania RC for a chat if you are interested in Wormhole space industry, PvE and PvP

Hi Folks,

Bumping this back to the top after a slight slowdown in recruitment - but looking to continue to grow further and we want good folks to help us do that.

Get In Metacrania RC channel in game so we can chat and see if we align.

Come on in for a chat and see how we can help each other out.

Still looking for new blood - hit us up in game!

Quick form up when we heard about some friends who were getting their structure attacked in a WH and we went to see if we could help.

If you sign up then maybe you can be in the next one.

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