MetaGame and intelligence services

This character represents a small group dedicated to the meta game and general intelligence services in eve.

Some of our Services:

  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Theft
  • Aiding your existing intelligence services
  • Training individuals into this field
  • Disbanding Alliances
  • Stealing Corp members
  • Reducing or increasing corp activity

Any fees are negotiable depending on the task but we will always strive to be reasonable and acquire a price you can be happy with.

Regarding Scams: Though this account and the corp as a whole deals in manipulative and untrustworthy operations we assure that any agreements made will be followed through with, or will be refunded in full.

Procedure for operations:

  • Interested party will contact Casus Usta directly in game so as to preserve anonymity
  • Discussions for the agreement can be made however the interested party chooses
  • Interested party can decide on a fresh clone or an established clone
  • Upfront fee of 50% of the final payment is made to allow for purchase of appropriate materials
  • Client will receive daily, weekly or monthly updates on the operation - allowing for any input
  • The process will continue until client is satisfied that the job has been completed

For any queries or further explanations please contact Casus Usta in game.


Do you have any references? Anything that shows you will not immeaditly scam…

For sure, message me in game and Ill get some people in contact who can answer any questions etc


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