Might be on my own here.?

Ok, I very well might be on my own on this one but the Providence is a big ship and the skins aren’t the best. However, every time I look at it I see a blimp and would love skins like.

Message Boards
like they do in the real world with tyers etc

Think it would be good if you could have some sales boards type looking skins.
as if the universe was eve online and people owned these ships I think they would use the real estate to advertise to make a little extra income.

just my 2cents thanks


Yes, more scrolling Jita spam. This time on the undock…

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not moving messages just like

good year blimp

Do you mean something like a promotional graphic, for example Quafe? With a half-naked, smiling Quafe girl on it? :thinking:


Definitely what we need more off. Now new in the cluster: Forget dull and static depot art! Introducing the new and all flashy Ad Board. Flashy, moving ad clips everywhere for everyone to watch! And the best thing: You can anchor hundreds or thousands on a grid and create an even bigger screen! Go nuts.


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On a providence? Heads might explode at that blasphemy. :wink:


With some technology it could project ads directly to other people screens, obstructing every inch of free space, and would only close after waiting at least 15 seconds. :sunglasses:

Then we could have a new ad-blocker module to counter that sort of thing! \o/


It would be a billboard I can shoot!! :smile:

–Gadget has the universal remote


My Charon had a lot of free space! As does my bowhead. I’m up for advertisements.

Bluewaffe’s mobile tractor units suck… Does yours?

I’m not opposed to this.

Freighters = 18-wheelers.

18-wheelers have messages on the side of them (mostly a company name).

Why not add that. Red Frog could actually advertise their service on their “space trucks”. Maybe a special skin for freighters and JF’s that displays your corp logo or alliance logo to start with… then maybe more personalization from there.

CCP could monetize this.

In great Ammarian tradition the half naked women has to be a minmatari slave girl.

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