# **Militaris Industries** - Looking to recruit warriors

Militaris Industries

We are a nullsec based corp that focuses on small scale PvP.

A proud member of Northern Coalition. We are active in all time zones but mainly EU.

We are a well run corp with a long history and we plan on keeping it that way. We do it all or Die Trying! We pride ourselves on efficiency and tenacity. We are independent, loyal & unforgiving!


Recruitment is selective but we do take on worthy new pilots. We are always looking for mature members who show a willingness to learn and adapt. Military personnel & parents are ALWAYS WELCOME! We take pride in allowing our members to grow and learn.

Minimum Requirements:

☼ 40mil SP+
☼ 1,000+ Kills
☼ More than one character
☼ Ability to fly an Apostle
☼ Know someone in NC.

Pub Channel: UDEAD Public

Welcome to Militaris Industries - YouTube

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