Military Gamers - Seeking Past/Present US Military Members

Please reach out to me on discord Atruin Augustus#0123

Join military gamers tavern or join this does not mean you have to join the Corp. It is our screening process and will give you access to our discord.

We are still recruiting!!

Still Recruiting

Still here recruiting!!

Still recruiting all active duty and veteran US Military!

Still recruiting and now playing in WH

Still recruiting

Ready to dive head deep into a hole? Join us now

Are you a US Military (Active Duty or Veteran) looking for a corp. Well then join the in-game channel Military Gamers Tavern or join to gain access to discord have have chat with us to see if we might be the corp you are looking for.

We are still looking for our fellow US Military (Active Duty or Veteran) brothers/sisters to join us. Feel free to stop by for a chat.

Great thing about Military Gamers… no E-Club, NCO Club or O-Club… We are all one community.

Time for the big black boot back to the top of the recruitment pile.

Time to shuffle the paperwork, so that this one is back on the top of the pile.

Come join us in wormhole space!!

If you are US Active Duty or Veteran, stop sifting through the recruitment ads and stop by Miltary Gamers