MILTARY GAMERS EVE BRANCH - Seeking Past/Present US Military Members

Greetings from MILITARY GAMERS This is an official recruitment post for MilitaryGamers, the world’s premier multi-platform, multi-game online community for US military service members.

We’re always looking for men and women to join our ranks who have either served in the past, or who are still presently serving, in any branch of the United States Armed Forces.

If you would like to learn more about our community, or if you would like to register an account and become a member, please head over to our website at All recruitment is handled via our website. Once you’ve registered an account and have become a member, you will find information on our forums instructing you on how to join us in game.

About MilitaryGamers

Our members hail from every branch of the US military, nearly every occupational specialty, all rates and ranks, from E-1 through O-6, and from duty stations and their homes the world over. We have had a game branch (cabal, clan, corporation, fleet, guild, organization, society, squadron, unit, etc.) in nearly every major game title since 2007, where we have established a solid, respected name for ourselves. With thousands of members spread across countless games, we think you’ll find that we’re the last gaming community you’ll ever need to join!

Things You Will Find in the Military Gamers Community

Camaraderie, esprit de corps, professionalism, a relaxed, casual atmosphere, and most importantly, folks who “get it”. As our motto, “Tantum Nos Teneo”, states, “Only We Know”.

Things You Won’t Find in the Military Gamers Community

Within the MilitaryGamers community, you will not find any “realism” units or the like. If that’s what you’re looking for, please look elsewhere. We do not simulate a military environment or organization. We don’t have to. We’ve all “been there, done that”. You won’t find any phony rank structures or titles being worn by people who haven’t earned the right to be addressed as such. We do organize our community staff, and occasionally some game branches using generic military titles, such as “MG CO”, “MG XO”, “MG Officer”, “MG NCO”, etc., because it is familiar to us and identifies who’s running what within the community. These titles, however, do not magically bestow anyone with the right to expect anyone else to treat them as anything but an equal. We have members from all walks of life, all branches of the service, and of all rates, ranks, statuses, and vocations, and when they cross our doorstep, everyone is treated with equal courtesy and respect. Within the MilitaryGamers community you will not find any puffed-up “internet commandos” or teenage “squeekers” giving you orders. Everyone is 18 or older.


We are a Corp made up of Active/Reservist and Former US military members as we are rebuilding our ranks.

We are a multi-focused corp with a relaxed atmosphere.

The majority of members are long time players from all walks of EVE life:

F1 Monkeys, Miners/Builders/Mad Scientists, Solo PVP, WH’s, Highsec Missioning Carebear, Incursion Carebear, Marketing Specialists

Applicants are encouraged to adapt to their environment and develop the skills necessary to survive

(See your recruiter if you need assistance)

What we offer:

Engaged Corp leadership

Active Discord

New player friendly; No skill point requirements

Close knit group that helps each other achieve their personal and collective EvE goals



All prospective members are required to apply at

Please contact Thor’s Hammer Atruin via EVEmail if you have any questions about joining Military Gamers.

Once your application is approved contact Atruin Augustus, kchaps in Discord for in processing and Corp Invites

We are currently looking to form null contacts.


link killboard of the specifc corp please

nvm found it

Why leave GSF and the Imperium?

if you have a question about our recruitment proccess or more information about the Corp feel free to contact us in game Thor’s Hammer Atruin

I am the alliance leader of Reverberation Project. I am a retired Army guy and my corp as well as the alliance has a lot of military vets.

We own Sov out in Vale of the Silent and focus on PvP and community.

If youre interested give Talon Shryne or Vorengard a shout on our discord:

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Recruitment is still active and looking for US military prior and active

We are still actively recruiting


still active now in null

we are active with 21 actual players now.

Still recruiting with opportunities in null sec

looking to form diplomatic contacts with alliances out in null. no smoke no mirrors. contact me in game.

we are still open for recruitment


Still Recruiting and looking for past and present Active duty and Veterans.


Doesn’t matter if your new to Eve either, we train newBros. We can instruct you on what to train and fly to get where you wanna be in Eve. Follow the information at the top. Thank you for your service Veterans and Active duty alike.

we are still active.

Weekly Corp and Alliance Op’s! PVP and PVE for all!