Greetings from MILITARY GAMERS This is an official recruitment post for MilitaryGamers, the world’s premier multi-platform, multi-game online community for US military service members.

We’re always looking for men and women to join our ranks who have either served in the past, or who are still presently serving, in any branch of the United States Armed Forces.

If you would like to learn more about our community, or if you would like to register an account and become a member, please head over to our website at www.militarygamers.com All recruitment is handled via our website. Once you’ve registered an account and have become a member, you will find information on our forums instructing you on how to join us in game.

About MilitaryGamers

Our members hail from every branch of the US military, nearly every occupational specialty, all rates and ranks, from E-1 through O-6, and from duty stations and their homes the world over. We have had a game branch (cabal, clan, corporation, fleet, guild, organization, society, squadron, unit, etc.) in nearly every major game title since 2007, where we have established a solid, respected name for ourselves. With thousands of members spread across countless games, we think you’ll find that we’re the last gaming community you’ll ever need to join!


Are you an active or prior US military looking for a home, we got you. We are a null sec, mostly indy corp within a PVP alliance in one of the major coalitions. We thrive on Camaraderie, esprit de corps, professionalism, a relaxed, casual atmosphere, and most importantly, folks who “get it”. As our motto, “Tantum Nos Teneo”, states, “Only We Know”

We offer a strong industrial background in null sec, with the advantage of a prestigious pvp alliance. The only thing we ask from you is to be part of the community and have fun doing it.

We have been around for nearly seven years, and not going anywhere. If you would like more information you can comment on this page, join the community/discord or contact in game Military Gamers Tavern or any of the following characters

CEO- Plarder
XO- Thor’s Hammer Atruin
Recruiter- Vandur
Recruiter- Mazcote Yarquest


MG more laid back than some might expect from a military based group. Which to me is a good thing.

I’ve been in groups with a pseudo military style setup, and you always get those pretentious wannabe assholes (especially in leadership) who feel they have something to prove.

Everyone here has already proven themselves, regardless of rank, mos, or branch. This is a good group of guys.

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We are still recruiting!!

Still looking for past and present US military!!

Surprise Surprise, still recruiting!!

Still here, Still recruiting.

Still wanting new members

Active or Prior US military, get in touch with us, we have a place for you.

Still recruiting

Looking for active and prior US military

Still Recruiting

Still active and recruiting

Still here and recruiting!!

We are still recruiting

Still here and recruiting. in new alliance with new leadership!!!

Still active and recruiting

Still recruiting all active and prior US military www.militarygamers.com

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