just disregard

First off, Thank you for your service!, However, ceo’s we communicate with each other, and when your next prospective ceo contacts ur last ceo your going to run into problems.
your best option, is to harvest all your toons you use, for there skill points, (transfer there points to skill point injectors), then bio mass all but 1 toon to hold the injectors, then make a new toon no one has seen before, shift all ur injectors to the new toon, and biomass the last one, inject the skill points in to the new toon and you have a chance for a clean slate with no baggage from the past.
Then its all on you to behave as needed to join a new corp, or just fly solo till you find the right crew that will accept you for who you are not for what they can take from you.

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That is… not a good way at all of dealing with service members like yourself and members in general.
It may not be my corp, but I have seen this ad on here for Current & Former Military personnel, maybe you could inquire with them

On another note, that experience may have been extremely distressful. I am also gonna leave a link to a community that may help you if you haven’t already heard of them.

Stay safe out there o7 I may not be from the US, but thank you for your service.


I don’t think people are going to be able to answer your question very well unless you explain how your condition would affect them. I live with someone who is disabled due to a mental condition, but their condition only occasionally causes me to experience anything out of the ordinary and though it is inconvenient when it happens, it is within my tolerance level. Let people know what they’d have to deal with so they can gauge if it is within their tolerance level.

As far as I can tell from your description you have personality quirks, but I see no evidence that you’re a spy or traitor. Provided you don’t have a sketchy past people are going to notice and you’re honest about what people will have to deal with if they take you in I think you can probably find a place somewhere in Eve. I would not go blowing up your characters willy nilly.


I must say the advice from Zentock is bad imo for 2 reasons:

  1. I dont believe at all that every CEO contacts the previous one to inform about that member. Ofcourse some may do but certainly not all.
  2. If he were to extract everything and make a new char, how does this help him with his mental issues on this new char ? It will propably end up the same again.

Imo follow the advice to find a corp that understands your issues (doesn’t have to be military imo) and accepts you for you. I hope you find what you’re looking for and still get to enjoy EvE :slight_smile:

P.S. You can transport your items you have through what is called asset safety which automatically transports them to the nearest low sec station. From there you can either get them yourself or make a courier contract with a known hauling corp.

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You’re not screwed. Feel free to message me in game MomTheDoge and we can talk about finding you a home. I have vets in my corp. and we all have issues. Just shoot me a message.

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Bullcrap. Its extremely rare for the CEO of the corp youre applying to to ask your last CEO why you left. I’ve only ever heard of it happening when they suspect spying (very short time in corp, direct enemy group, etc), for the most part nobody gives a crap about your corp history unless you make a big deal out of it yourself, or at a glance its obvious something fishy is up.

kelcer, honestly don’t worry about what your past corp means for your future corps you might apply to, although if you have PTSD problems then sadly there’s not much anyone can do to help with that. Good luck with your eve career future

Well - you should have done a little checking before joining the goons - after all they are led by a person who encourages people to suicide… see:

Thanks, Asset Safety’d what I could, and will see how it works out. :frowning: NOT the way I wanted to leave Null Sec

My issues from my brain injury are memory problems and I just get really slow to react and confused at times during stressful events. OBVIOUSLY not good to have on a PVP game I know, but I DID love this game and building stuff in Nullsec! However I came realize when I came back, CCP has totally screwed indy over and the ore rebalance/nerf/scarcity makes it so unprofitable to mine, so honestly there isnt much left for me to do. Thank you all for your replies. As far as spai or any of that other BS stuff, Im not worried about it, at the most I helped recruiting, so had access to ZERO intel or information to hurt or help any war effort. I was such a small fish in this pond. I had zero to even think about spying or selling info or ANY of that mess

To everyone: Thanks again for your help. I asset safetied my stuff to lowsec. Will see how things work from there. I REALLY appreciate the one post telling me about other Vets, especially combat vets, THAT looks like there may be ppl out there that can relate even put up with my brain issues, as we are all brothers and sisters together when we served and now as veterans! Semper Fi my friends and thank you for your help.

If your ceo doesnt do a chk up, then that ceo does not respect the other members of the corp he runs. But theres also alot of ways to run a corp in eve, I chk every prospect, when i hire its a commitment i make to my corp,and to the player i hire so i take it to heart and its not about how many members i have, its about how awesome the ones i have are.
And the biomassing, I suggested to you, is so you can shed your connections of the past, and go forward without a toon that some might hold bias vrs for crap from the past.
The use of skill point extractors to save the points you have earned and can reapply them to a fresh toon will ensure you dont have to actualy start again from scratch.

Good Luck Sir, And if I can be of service to you please contact me in game.

This actually relates to point one. Having been a recruiter in Eve and RL, talking to previous employers CAN help you as CEO or recruiter gain an insight into who you are taking on.
NHI actively looks for people with red flags, especially Service men and women, who might need some support. We believe in the phrase “Thank You for your Service”, as many of our members are ex-Services.

As to extracting skills before biomass, what if the player who has been treated unfairly still wants to play, but doesn’t want the stigma of a false reputation attached to the old character? This seems reasonable to me. Imagine having Mental Health issues and having to battle false accusations at every turn. In my experience it can be a frightening thing when someone doesn’t understand you and is happy to cause you grief without any understanding of underlying issues.


You can scout. You are definitely not worthless in a combat situation as long as you can put eyes on a strategic target, monitor the enemy’s movements, and report on them. You can still build things, too. You just might have to figure out what the best way to go about that is.

Nothing I can see means you can’t be a valuable asset to your corporation in war and in peace. Heck, just keeping the chat active and fun is a useful service, if you ask me.

While that guy was giving terrible advice, you are making an incorrect statement here.

Well, if it were true I’d probably not have been able to get into any corps or alliances around early to mid 2019. Back then my behavior history in eve was a total shitshow and you’d have to be crazy to recruit me based on what my corp history said and what past CEOs wouldve said

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