Returning Player Who Knows Nothing

Ive played EVE Online off and on across the years. Originally had joined at a friends urging, who then didnt really teach me how to play, what to do, etc. Over time, ive just been researching skills, and getting into bigger and bigger ships, with still, no idea what im doing. I never leave my home station except to jump a couple jumps to pick items up. Currently, I fly an Amarr Battleship, Class - Armageddon, and im working on the skills needed to pilot and upgrade to an Amarr Dreadnaught, or Carrier; but I still will have no idea what I should be doing.

Id like to find a corp, big or small, willing to teach me. I dont even remember the ship controls to properly fly, and/or fight beyond jumping/warping to the locations I go to. I’d prefer a group with Discord, as voice chat makes life a lot easier.

Not looking to join a corp because you are looking to fill numbers. I need help and guidance.

Age: 29
Timezone: EST
Country: USA
State: Florida
Times On: Anytime while im working in rl, or usually after work. Generally 10:30 to like 6 am lol. While working, I cannot be on voice chat, but after work I can be.

yo m8, well our game times will match more for the weekends but we are all grown ups here so RL always first, we have training ops and have a very strong identity in game, mabe somthing for yah? :sunglasses:

have a look… New Eden Police Force

Hi Xidane!

If youre looking to check out a smaller independent null sec group, you may like to consider us at Guns-R-Us Toy Company. We are small gang and indy focused and are well away from the nullbloc politics. We use both discord and mumble, and have guys on 24 hours a day

Feel free to check out our ad when you get a chance, and hopefully we get a chance to chat soon. Good Luck with your search!

I work weekends, my days off from work are Tuesdays and Wednesday’s,. with my availability being any time after 830 pm EST the other 5 days

How does someone apply to yalls corp if interested?

For us you can apply directly, or if you want to chat first join the in game channel “Guns-R-Us Public”

We have no required times for you to play, and are very RL friendly

Hey bud, You should take a look at bandit baking club. Apart from the cooking theme’d fun we are a community with members that liek helping newer or returning players get a feel for the game and get them where they want to be. Have a look:

yeah, well, than we do not match gametimes :o( Good luck out there and above all, enjoy :sunglasses: :v:

hi there m8

Just join pandemic horde who are great in teaching rookies how to play the game and you atm can get involved in the big war that is going on atm:)

just search for pandemic horde ingame and apply, they accept anyone and in time if you want you can find a different corp to join.


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