🇺🇸 Mine & GET PAID - 0% Tax - Not War Eligible - Recruiting Miners - USTZ HS Based

Tungsten Carbonide Asset Management [T-CAM]

T-CAM is an asset management corp that is currently recruiting miners and industrialist for our business model. Our income is primarily mining, refining and production. We specialize in offering “direct payout” mining ops for a growing list of Ice and Ore. Our mining ops are pretty simple; you are paid for the ore that passes through your hull…as it passes through your hull. Not at the end or sometime next week, right then and there. Meaning you benefit from boosts in a corp operation directly. We have an automated buy back program in place and ready for you to use based on google docs. So you can sell on site even if management isn’t around.

When not mining we have been running Emerging Conduit fleets, which are also direct payout. Armor BS with logi. Chaining them has been fun.

Doctrine, entry level mining barges and cruisers are provided. Meaning we can start making isk right away.

T-CAM’s intention and direction is to create a causal but tangibly supportive environment for our players. We especially want to focus on new players and new player retention/training. We have a discord and encourage members to fleet up and be on coms. This is how you create community and find content. I have 13 yrs of experience in eve. I started as a new miner with no clue. I’ll make sure you don’t make the mistakes I did.

We are looking for players that are wanting a long term home. This will take time, planning and coordination. Join our discord for an interview.

Join: T-CAM Public


recruiting Miners

Recruiting Ice miners in the Everyshore region

Recruiting all miners of all level of experience. No ESI. No skill requirements. We offer ore buyback and regular ops. Join “T-CAM Public”

We have outposts in 3 HS regions providing compression and storage; Lonetrek, Metropolis and Everyshore. Our buyback is automated. Its simple and too the point. Mining ops are held at different times at each outpost. We pay 95% of Jita Buy in most cases. Come make some isk.

Casual players and Multi-boxers welcome. Join “T-CAM Public”

Great place for new miners and industrialists. Join “T-CAM Public”

love to check u guys out

Sorry I missed ya. Looking for Miners for J-space dives and Ice mining.

Similar to an NPC corp, but with a lot more options. Join “T-CAM Public”

Did I mention paid ops? Join “T-CAM Public”

Homeless? This is way better than being homeless. Join “T-CAM Public”

Empire ice miners wanted. Yes…that means lowsec. Join “T-CAM Public”

yo. long time no see.

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Eve online is a simulator trying to pass itself off as a game. Its not always fun or even entertaining. It is often work. If you don’t feel a sense of accomplishment from that work, from being organized, from being consistent and having a plan…then eve simply isn’t for you. If you are simply looking to have fun all the time and be entertained without putting in real work and contributing…then play CoD. If you want to be part of a team with a plan and some work ethic Join “T-CAM Public”

Infrastructure, 95% jita buy back, paid ops, J-space dives, lowsec ops, Abyssal sites…oh and lots of ice mining. We only wanna pick up like 6 peeps for this cycle. 5 more to go. Join “T-CAM Public” Yes we have a discord.

A scalable system and profitable content in high sec. Perfect for new players and casual players. Join “T-CAM Public”

The biggest concerns for most players is income, content and training. As a 13 yr eve player I understand these concerns. T-CAM has been open for 7 years. Though I haven’t always gotten things right I have always wanted to create a place where new and casual players could succeed. My job isn’t to keep you entertained, but it is to keep you paid and trained. It also my job to try and support your eve experience as a member of this corp. Look around and try other places. After you have been disappointed a few times…come talk to us. Join “T-CAM Public”

Don’t change your career, change your culture. In most of Eve being a miner means being under appreciated. The reality is YOU are the life blood of Eve and YOU should be paid for your efforts. You will make isk in our ops. You will mine in new places. You will learn new content. Most importantly you will make friends in a culture of support. Join “T-CAM Public”

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