🇺🇸 Mine & GET PAID - 0% Tax - Not War Eligible - Recruiting Miners - USTZ HS Based

Ice mining is how we make our isk. You are paid for the ice you mine when you put it in the fleet hanger (95%) of jita value. We mine moon ore once a month…same deal. We do missions, anoms and sites. We provide doctrine ships. We answer questions and do our best to teach you what we know. We don’t make a bunch of crazy promises. But we do promise to have your back. Come talk to us. Join “T-CAM Public”

I will keep it short…i joined the corp for a few day now as a roughly 2 weeks old character. So far it is great. We did a good amount of ice mining fleet run and yes you are getting pay 95% of jita value. The corp provided the mining ship for us so i have no complaints. I’m looking forward to do more contents with the corp.


T-CAM has been around since 2013. The CEO has been playing since 2006. Longevity, consistency and experience are what make a lasting corp. We understand what new players need. Come talk to us. “T-CAM-Public”. If we miss you shoot us a mail.

Very good corp for new and experienced pilots. Liking the corp so far. Very helpful corp leader experienced. Its the perfect place for you if your looking to mine and earn consistent isk.

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We have everything a new eve player needs. We have the ships. We have ways for you to make isk. We have a stable environment. We have experienced leadership. If you are going to invest your time into a game why not do it with people who understand your time is valuable. We know how to use aa calendar, for example. Join “T-CAM Public” Our discord is in the MOTD.

We still have room for about 6 more regular miners in our ops. Join “T-CAM Public”.

Joined about 2 weeks ago and couldn’t be happier with the corp. It’s all in the title, mine and get paid. Good system in place for ore payout, helpful corpmates, and quick easy isk.

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Looking for isk and content in highsec? Join “T-CAM Public”

The isk is good and the fleets aren’t bad. :wink: Come join our little growing community. No requirements other than you talking to the CEO on coms. Join “T-CAM Public”

Still have space for more I our direct payout fleets. Join “T-CAM Public”.

We have coffee for the morning mine. Join us at “T-CAM Public”

We provide an economic base through direct payout fleets. When we chain Emerging Conduits we payout the fleet and the Ice/Talassonite fleets pay as you mine.

We pay 95% of jita buy order value both in fleet and through our buy back program.

We provide 1 proc and 1 t1 cruiser to new members that need them.

Its enough to get a player with nothing funded and able to participate in fleets.

Join “T-CAM Public”
Discord: https://discord.gg/Eg92Z4U

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Great bunch of people. Nice ops and awesome support for new or returning players.

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Nothing changes your game experience like consistent isk. Being a new industrialist doesn’t have to be a struggle. Join “T-CAM Public” https://discord.gg/Eg92Z4U

Come make isk Today!

Join “T-CAM Public”

Join before 2100 game time and you can join our next ice fleet, make some isk and join a good crew. Join “T-CAM Public”

Recent T-CAM recruit here. I have returned to Eve after a 5 years hiatus and find myself very fortunate to find this corp.

The operational framework of this corp is ideal for new players and veterans alike. Direct payout/mining system is efficiently executed. New players (or returnees) can expect more individualized attention and interaction with experienced T-CAM members in contrast to other massive, impersonal corporations. And yes, you will be outfitted with the needed tools to immediately begin fleet ops and make ISK.

Don’t repeat the mistakes of so many players and attempt to go solo. Join a corps… join the T-CAM team.


There is still room here on the team. Join “T-CAM Public”

If you are interested in mining and earning isk while chilling and chatting? This is a great corp for that.

We are small but run mining ops almost everyday, and sometimes more often.

In the few days I have been a member. We have mined ice, arkonor and even huffed some gas. We have ran sites, emerging conduits, and explored some wormholes.

The holiday season has slowed operations some but we will be picking back up as soon as RL settles down.

We are a casual corp that supports our members and always puts RL first.

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Start your New Year with the right corp! Join T-CAM Public

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