T-CAM is recruiting - Get paid for having fun

TCAM is recruiting !

Don’t change your career, change your culture. In most of Eve being in a corp means being under appreciated and one dimensional. The reality is YOU are the life blood of Eve and YOU should be paid for your efforts. You will make isk in our ops. You will mine and fly in new places. You will learn new content. Most importantly you will make friends in a culture of support. We are a hi-sec and WH based Combat site and Ice mining corp.

What we do:

Wormhole Sites from our home in a C2/C2/L WH
PVP Defense
Ice mine
Ore mine

What we offer:

J-Space ops
Doctrine Ships
Industrial facilities
Corp Buyback program
Paid fleet ops
No required Ops
Real life comes first

What we require:
A willingness to be part of the team
Mature 18+
Willing to train into doctrine (armor) - but only required for fleet PVP ops
Team player
Not Toxic

Join “TCAM Public”

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Come on over to check us out…wide variety of activities and people to fly with.

Looking for an alliance? We are recruiting!

  • In game channel: TPI.DIPLO
  • Discord

Because bumping is part of having fun : )

I am a new player who has recently been employed by TCAM. Before joining I only did Level I & II missions or mining. Within my first week of employment I have gone from fleeting up to mine ore/ice to jumping through wormholes to do perimeter encounters and rare ore mining. Everyone has been friendly and helpful. There is a lot of experience to draw from and get feedback or tips when needed.

This forum post is what led me to TCAM, so I wanted to share my experience with anyone else who may be reading. It was a good choice for me, so maybe it will be for you too.

Just to provide some new info (and to bump the thread), we’ve now established a small WH presence as we continue to grow and meet the needs of our corp members.

Bumping away…still looking for pilots who want a close knit team.

Have had a few more new folks join us. Will you be next?

We’ve added a new wormhole station to our corporate activities. We’ve introduced a few new players this past month to wormholes for the first time. Its nice to be able to zone out and high sec mine at times, but also know that you can head over to the wormhole for some good paying combat sites, PVP, and rare ore and gas harvesting. Also great for anyone looking to get into gas reactions.

You can reach out to us in game via the TCAM Public chat channel, or talk to us on discord

I bump therefore I am…

If you are interested in PVE focused (PVP when necessary) in Hi Sec and C2/C2/L WH, give us a shout in Tcam public or in discord.