Tungsten Carbonide Asset Management [T-CAM] is looking for new members

Tungsten Carbonide Asset Management [T-CAM] is looking for members.

We take a real-life-first approach. No member is ever required to participate in corp ops of any kind. You can play the content you want to play but there is also opportunity to experience more. We are new player friendly and have a great group of players more than willing to help explain any aspect of the game you may need help with. T-CAM has a station in High Security space as well as a presence in a Low Class wormhole.

If you are interested in exploring other areas of the game, or would like to fly with a group of players ready to help you learn new things, consider giving T-CAM a try. Our in-game channel is “TCAM Public” If there are no recruiters in the channel, you can hop into our Discord public channel at https://discord.gg/FMKwZus

Most of our players are USTZ, with a few in other times of play. Alpha or Omega, makes no difference to us. We were all new players at some point, and we all know that his game can be very daunting to learn without a little (or a lot of) guidance. Come check us out! Hope to hear from you soon!


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