Tungsten Carbonide Asset Management is looking for pilots


Welcome to Tungsten Carbonide Asset Management [T-CAM]. We are a small but active group of players that believe wormhole life is the best life. We have lucrative pve, non-consensual pvp, and our personal C2 / LS / C2 with fancy stations and POCOs.

We want the solo-ers and the small gang-ers out there that know how to live in Jspace. We value a real-life-first view on gaming, while still striving for a place to have content available when you are ready. Jspace is great for that, as new connections are opening all the time. Most members are USTZ with a few of us active outside of that. All TZs are welcome.

Currently we are looking for Omega accounts with the ability to fly any T3C, whichever one it is. If you have an indy/PI/Hauler alt, bring them along too, as there is plenty of use for them. (And plenty of isk for them to make for your main)

Come chat with us and see if we are a good fit for you.

In-Game, open channel “T-CAM Public”

Discord: https://discord.gg/FMKwZus

Corp applications: Eve-HR

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Keeping it alive. Come check us out!

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