Miner and Salvager Beams

i started the game about 6days ago. Miner 1 lasers/beams was visible 3days ago. But now i cant see miner - salvager lasers/beams. i didnt change anything on the graphic settings. i deleted the game and redownload it again but the problem is not fixed. how can i fix it ?

Here is a photo
Miner 2 is active but there is no beam/laser

If you hit the ESC key to bring up the settings window, what setting show in this view:

The Effects section in the Display & Graphics tab should have the settings you are looking for.

Hope it helps.

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i saw the same issue, 2 omega accounts, each ship could only see the beams from it’s own ship, whereas before, they could see the other ships beams as well as their own.
all settings are maxed out

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