No visible lasers/blasters

I have been away for quite some time and now when I’m back, the shots are not visible, be it from lasers or hybrid turrets. Also I havn’t been able to find anyone else having these issues. I’ve tried plenty of different graphics options in game but with no progress. Current settings are best described as “maxed” I guess. Using GTX 970 with latest drivers and win 10 fully patched.

Anyone else who have had this issue and have been able to find a fix for it?

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Hello, I have the same issue.

I can only see muzzle flashes and impact effects, but no beams or projectiles.
I have the latest drivers and I’m using GTX 1070.
I have noticed that the weapon beams reappear if I ALT+ZOOM(in) to a certain level. It doesn’t matter if the camera is close to the ship or not, they’re just there as long as the field of view is smaller. When I ALT+ZOOM(out) the weapon beams disappear again, no matter the camera distance.

Any solution to that? It is VERY annoying.

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Hi Toma!

I’m not sure this will help you but… I used to run 5760x1080 but recently changed to 2560x1440. And all of a sudden I can see everything again. I have no clue why though because 5760x1080 have shown lasers etc completely fine the first couple of years I used it. Perhaps changing resolution might give you some different results/hints. Best of luck!


Yeah, I tried resizing my window and beams seem to appear on lower resolutions or when the window is within a single monitor, however the issue persists. I would like to play EVE on all of my monitors, without having to change the Field of view to a binocular one.
Also the beams are not just a cosmetic issue, since you can get some info from them (direction of the attacker, misses, etc)

So I would like CCP to address this.

Anyway, thanks @Sophia_Aiderone I hope our input helps in catching this bug.


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