No colored lasers for my ship

Screenshot please.

No screenshot needed. Just imagine that the lasers coming out of my ship are gray.

maybe a setting under display and graphics? if not then I am not sure.

A screenshot or better yet a video will help confirm your issue, which we then can use to try identify the problem and conclude a solution.

As most here, I mostly lean towards it being a setting that is the cause of it.

Checked every graphics setting I can find.

Ok the next time I run an incursion in my Nightmare, I’ll get a screenshot. At the earliest, that will be tomorrow. But you’ll just see gray lasers shooting out of my ship.


If you can see the beam in a vacuum, it’s not a laser.

Just sayin’

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They do show color acording to ammo type what you on about

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They don’t show the color on MY ship, or if I have a fleet, on OUR ships. However, enemy lasers are colored - I see reds, blues, etc.

I have yet to find some setting that I don’t have turned on, my graphics card is current and driver is updated, and I’ve asked others, and they say the same thing (yeah, that’s just the way it is, your lasers aren’t colored).

Yea so what.

So… I want my lasers colored.

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Must be a full moon tonight - the trolls are out in full force. To try to get the thread back on track… does anyone know why lasers you shoot aren’t colored? Is it a bad setting or bad driver or bad graphics card… or is that just the way it is for everyone? If that’s just the way it is, does anyone know why?

The capsule simulates plenty of things that are not really there for the capsuleer to be able to percieve the situation better - like sound in space and lasers.


It would help if you had a screenshot or video demonstrating the issue.