Why is the "Dark" filament so stinking BRIGHT?

Is there a reason for whitewashing the hell out of the whole play area? You had a survey a while back, asking the players if they enjoyed being blinded and unable to ■■■■■■■ PLAY…and everyone I talked to said they HATED it. So why do you think it’s enjoyable to not be able to SEE??? Seriously…something called a “Dark filament” should be…you know…DARK. Not whitewashed so badly that I don’t even want to play anymore. It’s ■■■■ like this that makes me want to discontinue Omega.

Also, do you have any idea how annoying it is to get stuck on an asteroid every other time, in order to get a crate that’s 60 km away from the gate before the time runs out? VERY annoying. If you want people to play the game, stop annoying the ■■■■ out of us.

And for the people that are about to LIE THEIR ASS OFF and say some ■■■■■■■■ about how they think it’s cool to not be able to see a goddamn thing, and how they enjoy smacking into an asteroid because the crate is on the other side…but couldn’t see it because you’re blinded by the wonder of the horribly whitewashed screen…but it’s still cool…just don’t. I will see right through your ass kissing. Just scroll on, this message isn’t for you.

Screenshot is worth a thousand words - it would have helped to (literally) see your problem. I suspect you have some bizzare client settings that cause the effect you claim it has.

As for you bumping asteroids… i wont judge your fetishes but those are optional packages and are not necessary to collect. Furthermore you can drop MTU inside the pocket, shoot the caches while you deal with rats and then collect everything at once when you scoop that MTU.

Git gud.

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Sounds like a driver issue.

sounds like a settings issue.

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Sounds like a brightness issue.

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Sounds like you need a t’issue


Sounds like you … I …… erm ……… D’OH!


Sounds like a job for Batman!


Sounds like a cataract issue…

Sounds like you need to contact support. :stuck_out_tongue:

Settings… Video… find and uncheck the Michael Bay checkbox.


Love you guys, you made my day.


Sounds like your soundcard is burnt out.

can you cry a little more ?

The triglavian god is shining upon you. :sunglasses:

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