Hybrid ammo colour

Do the different types of ammo affect the color of the firing animation like with frequency crystals? I’ve tried testing this, but I can’t tell. It would be cool if it does.

I have never seen that.

That said, how would you make a black firing effect with antimatter and void??

@Inovrin_Tain I wish, that would look really cool.

They did, no idea if they do, cause im amarr and all, ill do a bunch of testing just to be sure.
P.S. Its kinda pointless anyway as you always shoot AM/MF/ w/e minmatards are shootings.
Missiles explosions got nerf battered too, now you can’t see a thing when missiles hit targets :frowning:


Ok, tested it, its still colored albeit quite lightly.

I’m still not seeing it. Everything looks white. DEVs, can you please help either my blindness or lack of discharge color ?

Antimatter should at least cause natter annihilations on the surface of the target ship. Specifically scripted. Or if it is only possible to colour it, screw physics and make it like a stream of mini-black holes (to reflect the ammo colour …)

The voices … are …

Sure and the mini-event horizons that tear everything near them apart would only cause 75hp shield damage amirite?

They made artillery animations more clear and actually shoot projectiles, that is a nice touch, cant’t wait for more visual improvements like these in the future.

make it black with a high contrast outline

Except anti-matter is not black, does not absorb light more than normal matter or anything. It simply annihilates normal matter on contact and releases loads of energy in the process.

An antimatter shell would have it well contained in an EM field and look essentially a normal shell, until the hit when it would releases a lot more energy than pretty much anything else its size could.

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An antimatter stream would have a bright flash or two between gun and target when it destroys the random atoms found in space.

I forget the story and author but I read a book years ago that had space ships with shields that protected the ships from the random atoms/particles floating in space and caused a fission reaction when they impacted the shield and this energy was absorbed to help power the ship. Was much more efficient than solar panels. Ive often wondered if they could build a mod like this for EVE for cap manegment.

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