Ammunition damage type icons on/off in reload list?

Hello everyone,
Most probably it is a newbie question but is there a way to turn off those colored damage type icons in the reload list?
This much computer tooltip help feels unnecessary and out of character flying my Minmatar ships.
I wouldn’t take it away from anyone, it can be good for 99,9% of the players, but I got used to the old way, pairing ammo names and projectile bullet head colors with enemy factions and now can’t find that on/off option anywhere in the module display settings to turn off the distracting colored icons next to the ammo names.
If there isn’t any on/off option for that than I take it as a Caldari virus and imagine some ducktape cover on it, just giving it a try if I am too tired and can’t see the option in front of my eyes.

I don’t think there is. Once CCP implements a design or UI change in game, there’s no way of reverting it. It’s the same reason why we can’t revert to old ship designs anymore.

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