Animation in the game

Hi to all ! I noticed that in the game as Amarr, the animation of the shot from the laser cannons is about 2-3 seconds after the target is hit!!! it’s somehow wrong that first the damage and then the gun fired itself


@Gobo_XxxX I noticed that too. I first thought it was me but when I sobered up the issue was still there. But I thought the alt would only be a pew-pew-less scout anyway so I I gave him a shuttle and moved on.
The hybrids animation and sound are in synch.

This sounds worthy of a bug report.

You can file one pressing F12 in game.

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then it’s a bug laser! because the first shot animation and damage go simultaneously, and the second is delayed one from the other

thank you ! I will do so

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I agree, it’s definitely a bug that needs looking into.

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It’s a thing alright, good to report but will it ever get fixed?

just paste your EBR here so other people can provide them when they encounter that exact same bug.