Bring back hull fires

There really was nothing like the feeling of seeing the smoke trail behind your ship as you just make it out of a fight either by barley killing the other guy, breaking tackle, or getting reps just at the last minute and spending the rest of the fight at 25% hull.

with all the new goodies the art team has shown us i would love to see what they can do. maybe mini explosions that increase in frequency the lower in hull you go.(similar to the ones that go off when you do die) or even just a better flame and smoke effect but otherwise the same as the old one

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Where there’s smoke there’s fire?

what do you mean?

I guess it could be like the new Sariel’s Flames SKIN.

The question is if it possible for fire to be in space vacuum.

yes? though eve isn’t exactly physics oriented anyway

Exhibit A: That big yellow thing you see when you go outside and look up.


That’s plasma

two are not mutually exclusive

And you know what plasma is? Super heated gas. Burn something just hot enough and you’ll end up with plasma.

What about low-temperature plasma?) So regarding plasma heating (especially “super”) is not the key.

Back to topic. Any type of fire requires a media. Otherwise this is not a “fire”.

Fire is a combination of heat (Thermal energy) fuel (Combustible materiel) an oxidizer (source of oxygen) and a spark (Ignition catalyst)

Ship flammable fuel/components + Oxidizer and oxygen stores + explosions = Fire
Fire + intrusion into fuel and oxidizer storage containers = Ship go boom.

Not only this, Alopex-Lagopus.

Concentrations of components and it’s form important as well.

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