Make ships deal damage when explode

Make it so the damage dealt and the radious are directly proportional to the ship size.
This will make the loss feel less painfull. I know it will for me.


I mean it would only be shrapnel damage and would need them to simulate the scatter, no air means no shockwave and no real fireball

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I agree, incinerate the pod.


I would think that all sorts of stuff besides shrapnel would come out. Various types of radiation (including extreme heat) frozen corpses, and who knows how many kinds of chemicals or how they would mix together once they were out in space and on fire…

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I think the pod would eject just before the explosion, but… Maybe ejection should be manual! That would be fun

Yeah but it doesnt eject very far (seems to spawn on the site of the ship) so it would still get incinerated in the explosion if the explosion was strong enough to damage anything.


Our ships are already able to handle most types of radiation, we can sit right next to stars without taking any damage at all, venture in to systems with black holes and abyssal deadspace with literal clouds of radiation, pretty sure we can handle whatever comes out of a ship

Being in a vacuum means they likely aren’t going to be on fire for very long lol


Maybe if you didn’t eject fast enough your pod goo could could cause a chain reaction with all the other crap and make the explosion even more fun!

How many exploding corvettes would it take to take out a battleship ? Asking for a friend :thinking:


Give it a really big spring
Boioioioing! “Weeeeeeeeee!”

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If this suggestion is added the server hamsters will unionize and go on strike.


Lots, but noobs could gang up on people that way

I would suggest switching to lemmings then, they are just as adorable and have a weird way of replacing themselves.

Uhuh :stuck_out_tongue: Suicide squads all around, all it takes is one small smartbomb to start the chain reaction. Cheaper than those darn edencom frigs with their crazy ammo, waahaha

And the really good part is, only the first one gets flagged for concord !! Everyone else wins, yeehaw.

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If you fly to the poles of stars (and last I checked, planets and moons) you can fly straight through the mesh.

Normally when I try to die I just bounce off of the sun, but you can actually get inside of them.

No need of air for a shockwave in space.

1- Interplanetary shock waves can occur due to solar flares. ‘Bow shocks’ are formed by the interaction of the solar wind with planetary magnetospheres.
2- Supernovae create powerful shocks, both within the star collapsing to form the explosion and also moving through the interstellar medium itself.
3- Interstellar shocks can also occur simply by the collision or collapse of gas clouds.
4- Black holes, high-density objects such as pulsars, as well as merging galaxies (and even just the motion of galaxies themselves) are also known to form shock waves of various forms.

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I think self destruct should do aoe damage scaled based on the remaining hp of the ship when it explodes.

If you want to self destruct an undamaged Titan to demolish a fleet why not? But also, self destructing when almost dead anyway won’t produce much of a result.

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If I self-destruct a hauler full of bombs and ammo at the Jita undock I think it would be logical if all the ships in a certain radius would explode as well.

Add a few more suicide haulers for a chain reaction and you should be able to turn the entire station grid into wrecks. In one massive explosion!


Ass to all this, just let me put a primed bomb in a jet can.

Oh and mining lasers should do targetted damage to ship modules.


tenor (4)

I mucho mucho like all these ideas. Why didn’t we think of this before ?! No need for skill points anymore (sorry ccp). Or skill. Just 'splosions. Oh, and couple it to bumping too. See what happens if you bump a miner with a bomb in the cargo hold.