Make ships deal damage when explode

Suggest the bomb cost $5 and we might have a chance


Would you get a bonus to damage for filling your cargohold with Fertilizer and Synthetic Oil?


Evil plans in the making, first tests are being run as we write…

From Corvette to Titan in one fell swoop !

And no more of that blobbing, you hear ?


Right, but those are caused my massive gravitational forces, its not the same thing that would happen near a ship


That, and many other things that would make the game more interesting and put an end to bait-ball tactics have been asked for numerous times.

You’ll probably get a “blasted to hell” skin for your ship or something.

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Yes, all fire is is a self sustaining chemical reaction.
Even something as primitive by our standards as rocket fuel burns in space.

I want that!
Also the Peppered With Shrapnel Deluxe Edition Skin!
And a flaming rapidly thawing frozen corpse!
If we weren’t in space you could hear the sizzle. Though how you freeze fast enough to be a frozen corpse before igniting I’m not sure of yet… Maybe everyone’s pod is insulated with liquid helium, that would do the trick.

I’ve wanted this since almost my first day. See ganker, shine mining laser in front window! Profit!

Also astroids should cause serious damage. And so should bumping.

Another thing, Triglavian ships are powered by singularities, why can’t they suck up Jita 4-4 if you decontaine the singularity close enough?
I also want to be able to blow up gates. I would start with those new ones they inflicted on us… Or was that gave us? Nah, we had no choice about those, inflicted is the right word.

Revenge from the sandbox:
“Hahahaha! Sorry about your gates CCP! snortgiggle!”

I think haulers should have the ability to add different types of holds. Right now there are some with specialized cargo holds, but it would be more fun if there were specialized cargo hold modules, this way you could carry things that don’t react well together and when you get blown up they would mix.
I think these types of ships should be banned from being anywhere near planets and their ever so delicate atmospheres. I also think that we should all go to Amarr and violate that ban.
We could blame science, we just wanted to know what would happen.

Somehow a rocket and debris seem like different things.

Rockets can turn into debris, and since they have fuel in them they tend to do so rather explosively.
In Eve we actually have rockets, though I’m inclined to think they are a bit different from what we have now in real life, I suspect the results ought to be the same to some extent.

All I was getting at though is that you can in fact have fire in space.

Yeah, but that’s not “being on fire”. I mean if you think what’s happening inside a rocket is the same as debris being on fire that’s something else.

I’m a little confused, but it’s the fuel that’s on fire. It doesn’t much matter if the fuel is coming from the inside of a rocket as intended, it’s still burning.
If your ship explodes and it’s full of stuff like rocket fuel in this case, that fuel and whatever else could burn could ignite other stuff like all the bits of your ship, maybe your pod, and possibly even your corpse.
If the people who blew you up, or random other people or even random celestial objects are close enough they could be damaged by this, or even add to the explosion. And that’s the point, if you blow me up and you are too close when you do it, you could cause damage to your own ship. Or worse.

Is the fuel out in space or is it… inside a controlled, artificial environment?

Ahh, I see.
In this case it would start in a controlled artificial environment (you have to bring it with you and since we are using rocket fuel as an example let’s keep doing that).
The fuel used to power rockets can burn in a vacuum because it supplies its own oxidizers (liquid oxygen being really popular right now). In the case of a ship exploding the already existing fire that is making it go would suddenly have access to a lot more than it’s supposed to.
In space you have to bring it all with you in some sort of container, but in an atmosphere like on earth you don’t have to bring something like oxygen to power a jet plane, it just sucks it up out of the air it’s passing through.
Depending on what you are doing (in real life) the fuel is often just two chemicals that ignite on contact with each other. It doesn’t much mater what environment they are in, they just burst into flame on contact. If you contain that flame you get an explosion, if you mostly contain it in a controlled way you get propulsion.
If you get the developers of a certain icelandic video game to do as you want them to do we could have all sorts of fun with this. However we can’t convince them that stars, planets, moons and so on are solid or that they have gravity. We can’t convince them that it’s very unlikely that a spaceship will simply bounce off of an astroid, a space station, or even another ship with out something interesting happening… Dammit…

Preparation for the Glorification of the Detonation during Navigation
Note:special Gratification for Inspiration to Zorya Triglav

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You guys taking about the realism of shockwaves in space as if that has any relevance to a submarine game.

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Oh, so the oxygen has to be supplied? Oxygen which is lacking in the “vacuum” of space?

You’re aware that a fire burning at sea level on Earth is a bit different than a fire burning at, say, 11,000 feet elevation, yes? Because of something called atmospheric pressure?

I’m sure CCP knows all this.