Logi Reps intensity

Can I request that the graphics show logi ship’s healing by intensity?

With lasers etc you can count what is firing. With Logi it’s difficult to see if someone has all 4 reps on, or just 1 on.

FC’s need to be able to see who is repping what etc, as some Pilots can be eejits at times.

Danke :slight_smile:

I wonder if there is a way to make the color intensity more dark or can change color as you add more reps on desired friendly? So like say, one repper is yellow, two is green, three is blue, four is purple. or something like that. you can even have the same color but it just get brighter or have a special affect for added reps?

I often wondered myself if we could get a color intensity for the range you are from the friendly, so optimal reps are a bright color or special affect and then falloff reps would be that of less intense? that way you can really SEE the difference and have more interaction with the engagement itself? Cold make better logi pilots as well. Unless you all do love orbit and anchor and go make a sandwich. FC - Whos afk? WHOS AFK!!! XO - not me. I just got back from making a sandwich! lol

Yes, please let us see by color which logi have all reppers running so we know which ones to neut or nuke first…


When you want to zoom in on “eejits” then the “eejit” only becomes you and because of your pedantry. You don’t want to get hung up on counting the beams of every logi pilot. There are pilots who will turn this against you only to drive the pedantry out of you. When you as FC cannot trust your logis to manage their task then you’re screwed no matter what. Or bring more logis when the ones you have aren’t enough.

For large fleet fights will the idea only drive the GPU usage up.

Also, you want to post ideas like these into Features & Ideas.

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