Watchlist tweak

Just a thought but could the watchlist have a “Show Bracket” function added to the upper right corner. Sometimes I only need to see a few people in fleets.



dont add everyone to wl?
Not sure exactly what you mean, can you elaborate?
You can colour in specific people on wl too so…?

I mean in my overview settings I have a “show all brackets” toggle that well shows the color coded pixels in space. I’d like to see that but for the watch list. Kinda like show all, show some(watchlist), show none kinda thing.

This is mainly for seeing where specific ships are on grid relative to me. So if I have a logi watchlist up I can see those ship highlighted in space.

Actually I might be able to rig something with the multiple overviews and some creative filters.

Ah i see… i think… i rarely use show all brackets or even have friendlies on overview.

Basically you’d like a way of having the watchlist filter through to space and overview with an extra ‘‘highlight’’?

Interesting thought, not a bad idea as i often lose where my logi or fc is when im in another role.

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let me know how that goes please?

I would even take a way to have my watchlist colors overwrite the overviews colors.

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