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What’s that ‘Watch List’ window ? I thought it was removed from the game ages ago ?

The contacts watch list - which let you see the online / offline status of any character in the game was removed.
(Well, it wasn’t actually removed, but changed into a ‘friends list’ where you only see the online/offline characters if you are mutually on each other list.)

The fleet watch list has been in the game since forever. It lets you see the shield/armor/hull status of selected fleetmates on grid with you. You can also quick-target, approach or warp-to from it making it an essential feature for large fleets.

(Logi can see which VIPs are under attack, and quickly target them for reps, fleet can approach the FC/Anchor without having to find him on the overview, fleet can warp to scouts without having to find them in fleet chat/fleet list).

You can bring up the fleet watch list by being in a fleet, selecting another fleet member and clicking their name -> Fleet -> Add to Watchlist.

Never knew that, thanks.

+, when you’re logi, you have to put those VIP on your watchlist to heal them by repairing them, or giving them links or giving them capacitor.
You may also use that watchlist to put your anchor on it, so that you can launch your anchor at it, not the other way around, like a thief, in reverse, although that yes, it is in reverse.

OK, I understand that, thanks.

But I can’t make head nor tail of that :slight_smile: What’s an ‘anchor’, and why should I ‘launch’ it, please ?

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For sure, it should be around 50% tail and head.

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Any chance of a whiff of whatever it is you’re smoking ?? :slight_smile:

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The thing is, you can’t launch your anchor at the anchor, if your anchor is not on the watchlist.
Then, you have to right-click somewhere else instead, and then right-click somewhere else instead again, and then, try to anchor on your anchor, but, you can’t throw it at it, and , you can’t launch it to be thrown at.
It also takes longer and it doesn’t save time and it takes more repetitive tasks which is more redundant and not more secure.

Hmm… Make that a drop of whatever you’re drinking instead…

Nice video Mrkwa. Need more of them. :yum:

MRKWA is one of the best guys i’ve been flying around with the past years, i will adjust and say many years, he has a nose for finding targets, intercepting them with like 10 guys against a way bigger force x2 x3 or more dps/numbers, and still coming out ontop winning the battle, with none or few losses, i am very glad that i can fly with this man !!1

And i have been around since 04, he reminds me a bit of darth solo/ The Dark, he is a legend from the past :slight_smile:

Celes Apoc

My feeds not in this video


the drunken master :smiley: - fun fleets

i sick of flying maelstroms and fighting against 51 ppl.

11/10 would maelstrom again.

cheers :*)

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