EVE FleetWatch

Hello fellow PVPers and fans of Fleet Warfare,

I want to introduce to you a tool I just finished and would love if you all gave it a try.

It’s called EVE FleetWatch or EFW in short and it provides the following features:

  • See members in your fleet including location (system, docked / in space), ship-type and current ship-name (No more “There’s a Brutix on D-Scan!!!” “Nevermind, it’s one of ours…”)

  • Assign specific roles to fleet-members (scout, tackle, ecm, …)

  • Set waypoints for your fleet-members, so no more posting of destinations in fleet-chat

  • Best of all: There is no need to register members or anything, as the tool fetches your current fleet-status from the api and “creates” fleets on-the-fly

So don’t wait any longer and start using EFW now: https://efw.cub3x.com

Looking forward to read your opinions about it! If you find any bugs I would love to hear about them as well.


Ps: If you like the tool and want to keep on using it, I would really appreciate a donation to keep the hamsters happy and keeping the server alive :wink:

Tried it, but nothing loaded

Were you in a fleet? How many members in the fleet?

There has been a little problem assigning the role it seems. I removed your char from the db and would be nice if you could give it a try again.

If there’s a problem of any kind please provide a screenshot if you can - thank you!


Tried, but still nothing. Does one need to be FC?

The FC needs to be using this tool, yes. Members are optional.

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