Watchlist and fleet ui quality of life

I am an incursion pilot who spends a lot of time repeating certain actions. By doing so I have come to realize that some simple ui changes could vastly improve incursion and fleet quality of life. Here are some proposed changes.

  1. Drone assistants can be set in category to a permanent assistant. When launched they will automatically assist this individual.

  2. Having the ability to right click an individual in watch list to bring up the radial menu or listed window. Having to use hotkeys and some not working or requiring a target first is tiresome.

  3. Add the ability for a fleet commander or member to create watchlist profiles and categories. This would be amazing to help those such as myself who have a hard time remembering every AAA or SSS. Even just adding the ability to tag or add notation would be amazing.

  4. Consider working the fleet window and watchlist into a single space saving window with more functionality. The amount of screen space needed for the fleet ui is intense. Honestly the game ui itself is annoying and archaic.

  5. Broadcast history is required for a lot of players for warps and reps. Consider consolidating it into the fleet window. Such as everyone in fleet takes up a different box in their wing category. Pings are color coded and hp / armor / shield is a 3 division. There is just so much that can be improved upon here. See mods like bar tender and heal bot from wow.

  6. Consider allowing players to create mods for the ui and integrate vastly popular ones that improve quality of life. In a game like eve where it is a literal sand box, it can be hard to jack off all trades a ui for every feature. I am honestly quite impressed it has worked this long. But considering the differences between pvp fleets and pve fleets somethings don’t work identical or are lacking in features. Seeing as the development team has started adding things they said would never be added “sp remaps / skill injectors” etc. I really don’t see the harm in third party ui mods. Multiboxing and altaholism is here without intervention. It is time this was considered for the veterans and new bros sake.

Thank you for reading, please consider each idea and realize that they are rough generalizations.


Better served by having the context menu you mention in #2 include the ability to assist drones. Lets be honest, if you’re assisting to a drone bunny, it’ll be all your drones in 99% of cases.

Use chat channels. People join the channel, then you can literally just select the whole channel membership and drag it into your WL.

No way. I have my watchlist right next to my overview, and my fleet window (broadcasts) on the opposite side. The two have very little in common.

You can already colour code broadcasts, and they’re already easy to see a history of. Functionality here is about as easy as it gets… ctrl+click the broadcast, wait for lock, start repping. One could argue those mods are a downgrade from this.

Has been requested many times, and refused many times. Eve wishes to maintain a level playing field for all players, which is why any GUI manipulation is explicitly banned. Even using something like isboxer to cut and paste portions of the screen is a bannable offense.

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